6 common mistakes pool owners make

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Homeownership is a big deal with a lot of responsibilities. You know if you know. If you don’t, ready yourself for the inevitable. Pool ownership is a significant deal and a big responsibility that comes with homeownership. Have you ever heard the expression “with great power comes tremendous responsibility”? Swimming pools are no exception. They provide you with a lovely outside location in which to entertain friends, engage children, or simply enjoy a calm evening by yourself. In other terms, they give you the power of joy… and charge you with the task of keeping your outside space clean, beautiful, and safe. Pool ownership, like anything else, has a learning curve, and as a result, many novice pool owners make various blunders when owning and maintaining their first pool.

We’re here to help both novice and experienced pool owners avoid the most common blunders.

Not maintaining a proper water level

This is a typical error made by pool owners since it is so simple to overlook. While it may seem clear that a pool should be cleaned or that your pump producing a strange noise is something to be aware of, the water level is one of those things you must keep an eye on in order to maintain it. The water level in your pool should be halfway up your skimmer plate (that rectangular hole built into the side of your pool). If the water level in the pool is too high, the skimmer will be unable to filter out the debris, resulting in higher maintenance expenses and a less safe swim. The implications are significantly worse if the water level is too low. The filtration system in your pool is only designed to transport water, not air. When the water level is too low, the system draws in air and water. As a result, the equipment works too hard, overloads it, and can even melt, resulting in a large energy bill, replacement expense, and a significant safety hazard. Pool pump repair and replacement are not inexpensive, so spare yourself the trouble by covering your pool before a storm and filling it off as needed. Consider pool restoration or pool tile replacement to tile the region where your water level should be to make it as easy to maintain as feasible.

Not cleaning properly

If the filter and strainer baskets in a pool aren’t cleaned frequently or thoroughly enough, it can result in increased running expenses since the pump will have to work harder and longer, and it may even damage or ruin the pump itself. A pool repair service will rack up a hefty charge that may have been avoided with a little additional care. Cleaning your pool isn’t only for show; it’s also vital to keep it running.

Not maintaining proper chemical levels

The ph levels in your pool are sensitive. While glancing at your pool and its equipment may tell you a lot about its state, you can’t get by with just that. To treat the water with all of the necessary pool chemicals (and the right amounts of them), you must first test the water to determine what and how much to apply, as well as how long you must wait before using the pool again.

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Not covering the pool

Covering the pool is a very easy remedy with several advantages. Covering your pool while not in use keeps unwanted waste (leaves, twigs, etc.) out, tiny animals (frogs, lizards, yuck), excess water from evaporating (especially in hot weather), and may even offer another layer of protection for people with little children or pets in the home.

Using the wrong cleaning tools

Employing the incorrect cleaning equipment might harm the pool surface and impair cleaning efficacy. Using a hard-bristle brush, for example, on a vinyl pool can cause scratches and damage to the surface. Use the appropriate tools for your pool type.

Pool neglect

This is by far the most common error we encounter, and it occurs in both experienced and inexperienced pool owners. Just ignoring the pool due to a busy week/month and skipping on things like planned maintenance, cleaning, testing, and inspecting may appear innocuous once in a while, but before you know it, you may have a pool that is more of a bother than it is pleasure. The greatest way to avoid a pool from becoming more work than pleasure is to keep up with its maintenance. Why should you pay for swimming pool maintenance if you don’t have to?

Pools, as a professional pool rehabilitation business, are not low maintenance. They need a significant amount of labor and attention, which can be intimidating at times. Instead of spending a lot of money on pool restoration in a few years, why not save it for a fun pool renovation project now by remaining on top of normal pool care? And if you’re too busy as a pool owner to handle it yourself, or just prefer to leave your pool to a professional, we’re only a phone call away.

Looking for professional help? Dolphin Pool Services is ready to help with any pool related issues in the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. Feel free to contact us and schedule our services!

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