Maintenance is vital if you want your pool to remain clean, safe, and beautiful.

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Getting started with maintenance

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Weekly pool maintenance service is a frequent schedule of maintaining a pool every week. This is necessary to ensure that the pool remains clean and sparkling. A weekly pool service involves vacuuming, cleaning the dirt, and checking the pool’s water circulation. Weekly service, also known as weekly pool maintenance package in Virginia, Maryland and DC, is vital if you want your pool to remain clean, safe, and beautiful.

  • No Green Guarantee – if the pool filtration equipment is operating properly, all basic chemicals required to maintain a clear and blue pool are included. Specialty chemicals such as ScaleTec and BeauTec are extra and are performed only as needed.
  • Brush the pool walls, floors, benches, steps and tile/waterline
  • Net pool surface and floor
  • Air-blow pool deck
  • Vacuum pool and spa floor
  • Empty skimmer baskets and pumps
  • Test and adjust Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Cyanuric
  • A specific chemical treatment tailored to your pool including preventative algaecides, phosphate remover, and clarifiers will be applied at appropriate intervals.
  • Check and monitor pool equipment for proper operation and report if any issues arise.
  • A DE or Cartridge filter will need a full cleaning every season.
  • Periodically inspect the pool cleaner or in-floor system.
  • If small additional parts are required (baskets, o’rings, etc) to maintain proper pool or spa operation, they will be noted on the report during the weekly service visit and you will be notified before any replacements.  If you approved or pre-authorized any amounts in your annual service agreement, we will proceed per your approval.
  • If service outside of standard weekly maintenance is required, a certified service technician will be dispatched complimentary for all clients on weekly packages.
  • You will receive an email report after each service visit so that you know your pool has been serviced and chemically balanced.
pool maintenance, cleaning, riverrok tiles
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How will weekly pool maintenance services benefit you in Virginia, Maryland and DC?

One important reason you need weekly maintenance is to give your pool a good appearance. Clearing the dirt and debris in your pool will keep your pool clean, sparkling and inviting.

Besides appearance, safety is another benefit of weekly maintenance. Checking your pool’s chemical levels ensures that it is safe for swimmers. Also, debris and dirt can lead to injuries. Regular weekly maintenance ensures that germs and bacteria are kept away from your pool. Germs and bacteria, which are introduced to your pool by swimmers and pets, are harmful to swimmers.
One mistake you might make is to think your pool does not have germs and bacteria by merely looking at it. Bacteria can easily be brought to your pool by swimmers, and your pool, as any other, therefore, requires minimum weekly service.

The Longevity of Pool & Equipment
Proper weekly maintenance prevents your pool from being corrosive, which can damage your equipment and the rest of your pool. Getting new equipment is an extra cost for running your pool. Ensuring a weekly service of the pool is essential for healthy and safe swimming. It’s also good for the extended lifespan of the pool. Keeping up on your pool equipment is critical.

Healthy Swimming
Nobody loves to enter a swimming pool that won’t guarantee the safety of their health. Some of the most common signs that a pool is dirty and unclean include skin and eye irritation, puffy eyes, and repugnant odors. But a weekly maintenance service will prevent all of this and ensure swimmers can have their fun without fear of getting away with diseases.

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