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Winter Care Program/Visits is a simple, low-cost service offered to provide peace of mind to our customers.

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Are you ready for the pool season?

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Are you ready for the pool season? While counting down the days until your pool’s grand opening, preparing to open your swimming pool must be done on time! At Dolphin Pool Services, LLC, our residential and commercial pool opening services provide all of our customers with the very best work to thoroughly enjoy your pool all season long.

With recent findings that there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools across the United States, Dolphin Pool Services, LLC guarantees to make your pool one of the best! Our pool opening services bring high-end results to all of our customers, allowing you to have the best swimming pool experience imaginable. 

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Preparing to open your pool

As summertime approaches, you are probably eager to open your pool for the season. At Dolphin Pool Services, LLC, we have everything you need for a seamless and an exceptional pool opening experience. Below we highlight what our opening services and added maintenance visits entail:

  • Clean, remove, and store your pool cover – Our team will remove leaves and debris that accumulated over the winter and drain any standing water from the pool cover. Then, we will fold the pool cover and properly store it for the winter.
  • Start to Top off the water level – During the winter, a trace amount of water evaporates from your pool. Our team will start to top off your swimming pool once the cover comes off to avoid balancing the chemistry twice.
  • Skim debris – Next, we will skim any remaining debris that fell in after the cover was removed.
  • Test the water – Balancing your pool’s chemicals is necessary before you can enjoy it. Our team has years of experience with this delicate process.
  • Add necessary chemicals – Our team will add the correct chemicals to ensure your pool’s chemistry is balanced.
  • Remove winterizing accessories – Any winterizing accessories, like winterizing plugs, will be removed.
  • Test your filter, pump, and heater – We test all your pool equipment to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • Vacuum the pool – Next, we remove algae growth and vacuum your pool.
  • Install accessories – Once everything is complete, we reinstall your ladders, handrails, and other attachments.

If you are ready to get the most out of your swimming pool this season, consider utilizing Dolphin Pool Services, LLC’s “Pool Opening Package” with added 2-3 maintenance visits post opening and all performed by our certified pool operators.

Why choose Dolphin Pool Services, LLC for your 2023 pool opening?

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Our mission to provide the best residential and commercial pool opening services involves working closely with all our customers to ensure your pool experience is perfect. If you are ready to have Dolphin Pool Service, LLC prepare your pool for the summer, get in touch with our pool professionals and open your swimming pool the Dolphin’s way.

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Pool opening completed – Manassas, VA

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