Hard spa covers

Spa cover fits over the top of your spa, hot tub, or all-season pool and protects it while it is not in use.

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About spa covers

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Hard spa cover replacement – Woodbridge, VA

If your hot tub cover is worn, torn, faded, or heavy – it’s time to look for a replacement. With so many options to choose from, Dolphin Pool Services, LLC will help you find the right hot tub cover for your hot tub size and budget. We will walk you through the different types of hot tub covers and help you determine the right match for your needs!

Foam Core Density & Thickness(most popular in VA, MD & DC)

One of the most important features of a durable hot tub cover is the type of foam used. Quality cover cores are made from 100% virgin closed-cell polystyrene foam. Cheap covers are made from many different types of recycled foam, called “re-grind”. While re-grind is cheap to manufacture and allows retailers to sell at a cheaper price, this type of foam soaks up water very quickly and cannot withstand rain or snowfall. Depending on the hot tub size, covers will be designed in sections for easy handling.

Heavy-Duty Wind Straps and Locks

Important for keeping your cover secured to the tub, the straps and locks are another area requiring special attention. Heavy-duty straps and locking buckles are the standard for Foam Covers. 

Although you may not like the hassle of securing and locking your hot tub cover each time you use it, it’s important for the safety of children, animals, and your spa. Not to mention, local building codes frequently require locks on hot tubs if not fenced or gated in.

hard spa cover toupe

Hard spa cover replacement – Woodbridge, VA

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Fountain hard cover replacement – McLean, VA

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