Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 02.09.2024.

Dolphin Pool Services, LLC
Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to Dolphin Pool Services, LLC (“Dolphin Pool Services”). These terms and conditions
(“Terms”) govern your use of our pool maintenance and servicing services. By engaging with our
services, you agree to comply with these Terms.

2. Services

a. Dolphin Pool Services offers a range of pool maintenance and servicing packages, including
but not limited to cleaning, chemical treatment, equipment maintenance, and repairs.
b. Specific details regarding the services provided will be outlined in the service agreement
between Dolphin Pool Services and the Customer.

3. Service Agreement

a. Prior to the commencement of services, Dolphin Pool Services and the Customer will enter
into a service agreement detailing the scope of work, service frequency, pricing, and any
additional terms and conditions.
b. Any modifications or amendments to the service agreement must be agreed upon in writing by
both parties.

4. Payment

a. Payment for services rendered is due upon completion of each service visit, unless otherwise
specified in the service agreement.
b. The Customer agrees to pay all invoices within the agreed-upon timeframe.
c. Late payments may be subject to additional fees and interest charges.

5. Cancellations and Rescheduling

a. The Customer must provide at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling of
service visits.
b. Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in a cancellation fee.

6. Liability

a. Dolphin Pool Services will perform services with reasonable care and skill but shall not be
liable for any damages arising from the Customer’s failure to properly maintain the pool between
service visits.
b. The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Dolphin Pool Services harmless from any claims,
damages, or liabilities arising from the use of the pool or Dolphin Pool Services’ services.

7. Termination

a. Either party may terminate the service agreement with 30 days’ written notice.
b. Upon termination, the Customer agrees to settle any outstanding invoices within the specified

8. Force Majeure

a. Dolphin Pool Services shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations
under the service agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but
not limited to acts of nature, government actions, or labor disputes.

9. Governing Law

a. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of
Virginia, United States.

10. Entire Agreement

a. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Dolphin Pool Services, LLC and the
Customer with respect to the subject matter herein and supersede all prior agreements and
understandings, whether written or oral.

11. Contact Information

a. For any questions or concerns regarding these Terms, please contact:

Dolphin Pool Services, LLC
P.O. BOX 16002 Alexandria, VA 22302
(66) 681-7665

12. Acceptance

By engaging the services of Dolphin Pool Services, LLC, the Customer acknowledges that they
have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.