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A pool is owned by an estimated 10.7 million Americans. But, how many people take adequate care of it? Continue reading if you observe the water become less blue. There are several things you can do to repair and avoid a green pool.

Our article below will teach you all you need to know about cleaning a green swimming pool.

What causes a green pool?

A green pool is unappealing and unwelcoming. Furthermore, it serves as a breeding environment for bacteria and algae. If these aren’t the kind of friends you want to invite to your next pool party, consider the most typical reasons of a green pool.

Low chlorine levels

In pool water, chlorine destroys hazardous germs. When levels are low, germs and algae begin to proliferate. If the algae levels in your pool become too high, you will see it on the pool’s sides.

As the algae covers more of your pool lining, it gives your pool a green tint. This is something that may happen rapidly. Hence, as soon as you discover the algae, take action to remove it.

Copper or other metals

If your pool water contains a high concentration of metals such as copper or iron, it will become acidic. This has the potential to alter the color of your water.
When you add more chemicals to the water, the color of the water might change. 

Another symptom of high metals is when friends with blonde hair notice their hair turning green after swimming. Make careful to remedy the issue as soon as possible, since heavy metals can stain your pool lining over time.

Clogged filter

A blocked filter in your pool might prevent it from eliminating extra algae or plant debris. Fungi and other microorganisms can grow quicker if these stack up. As with low levels of chlorine, these build-ups can also turn your pool green.

You should regularly clean your filter cartridge. Even so, algal blooms can happen quickly. Inspect your cartridge at least once a month to prevent blockages from becoming an issue.

pH Imbalance

Lastly, an imbalance in the pH levels of your pool might cause the water to change color. A pH balance of between 7.2 and 7.8 is good. If your pH is too high, chlorine will be unable to destroy microorganisms.

If your pH is too low, you will find that your eyes burn more frequently while you are in the water. Having your pool cleaned on a regular basis will maintain it in balance.

Looking for professional help? Dolphin Pool Services is ready to help with any pool related issues in the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. Feel free to contact us and schedule our services!

How to clean a green swimming pool?

Now that you have an idea of what’s causing that green colour, you can rid your pool of it. It may take some trial and error. But if in doubt, contact a pool cleaning service near you.

Otherwise, you can use the tips below to find your best solution.

Test the pH

Pool maintenance firms frequently provide water testing kits. This will show you your pool water’s pH balance. You may also bring a sample to the shop for them to test.

With a chemical kit, you can keep the pH of your pool regulated. They may be found online or at your local shop. Make sure you purchase the correct kit; if your pH is low, make sure you acquire a kit that will raise it.

Shock the pool

While cleaning a green pool, you might need to shock it to destroy any leftover algae. You should add chemicals to your pool on a regular basis. But, if your algae problem is out of control, shocking is your best alternative.

Adding a high concentration of chemicals to your pool is referred to as shocking. For example, you can increase the concentration of chlorine to the point where it can effectively destroy germs and algae.

In the summer, when you use your pool every day, you should shock it every 1-2 weeks. You may employ a pool service to ensure that you have the proper chemical balance.

Replace the pump and filter

You may have discovered that the green color of your pool is due to a clogged pool filter. Wonderful news! Unclogging a filter is a basic service offered by most pool cleaners.

You may also try it yourself. Filter cartridges feature many pleats, thus a filter cleaning solution and a filter brush are required. Soak your filter after removing bigger particles, then clean the pleats.

Check your pump if you’ve tried unclogging it yourself and your pool is still green. A pool service can, in the best-case scenario, assist you in unclogging your filter and pump. In the worst-case situation, you may be forced to replace both.

Drain the pool

Draining your pool is both time-consuming and costly. If your algae buildup is severe, though, this may be your best alternative.

Go over to the shallow end of your pool to put your predicament to the test. Is the bottom still visible? If the answer is now, consider draining. It will allow you to scrape and bleach the liner while also starting again with fresh water.

Your pool almost certainly has a main drain. Let the water to drain from there, being sure to close your skimmer valves first. It is possible that you will not need to empty the entire pool.

You can usually leave about 3 inches of water (at the shallow end) and go from there. Make sure to remove as much algae as possible before beginning any chemical treatments.

Then you proceed to refill the pool. Take care not to add water that contains significant amounts of the metals specified above.

Green swimming pool
Green pool water | Source: Pinterest

Seek professional help

The most convenient approach to clean a green pool is to hire a professional. Dolphin Pool Services can swiftly determine the source of a problem by assessing probable equipment failure and water chemistry. We’ll handle everything from cleaning to chemicals, and we’ll have your pool gleaming clean and healthy in no time.

Keep your pool from getting green

Frequent service will protect you from having a green pool, but the keyword is ‘regular’. If you are on vacation for a week or two, leave your pool filter running. Even if you haven’t used your pool in months, get it cleaned by a professional once a week.

A little more work here and there will save you money and time in the long run. Consider each cleaning to be an investment in the long-term health of your pool. If you’d like to enquire about how to clean a green swimming pool, get in touch here.

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