How to keep bugs and critters away from the pool

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In actuality, bugs and critters are beneficial to nature, but they don’t necessarily benefit us. Around the pool, insects fly, crawl, sting, bite, and crawl. They can be a pain, for sure!

On the other hand, several advise using objects like fidget spinners and smoke to keep bugs out of the pool area. Although it is practical, it is unpleasant to smell or have a sore eye in the pool area. Let’s examine a few repellents that might be useful to keep on hand for some of these “uninvited guests”:

Birdhouse/Bird feeders

Did you know that most birds eat insects? The quantity of insects and other creepy crawlies in your yard might be decreased by having birds in your yard. If you add a birdhouse or feeder to draw in additional avian companions, you’ll most likely start to see an insect reduction.

Keep your pool and backyard clean all the time

Bugs are drawn to algae, microbes, food scraps, and garbage. It’s crucial to tidy up after a barbecue, get rid of the debris, and maintain a clean pool.


In the presence of a strong breeze, insects struggle to fly. Insects will stay away from your garden if you create a breeze effect. To keep insects out of the house, place a fan next to the seating area or a door.

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Fragrant oils

Many scented oil choices help keep some insects at bay. Scented oils are popular among homeopaths since they smell lovely and are healthy for the environment. For instance, the smell of cinnamon deters ants and earwigs. They can also be repelled by other essential oils:

  • Peppermint is quite effective at warding off roaches, spiders, and mosquitoes.
  • If you have centipedes creeping around the pool, only a few drops of vanilla or tea tree oil can make them go.
  • Lemongrass will help deter flies if you frequently encounter them.

Also, you can create a spray bottle by combining these oils with a little coconut oil, alcohol, and water. Put your diffuser in the garden if you have one.

IMPORTANT: Do not put essential oils in your swimming pool.

Bugs and critters
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Your Garden as a Repellant

Sitting and taking in your yard and pool are the best things ever. Nevertheless, did you know that you may grow plants in your yard to keep pests out of your oasis?

Spring is rapidly approaching. Please continue reading if you have just bought a new swimming pool or are preparing the garden around your pool.

The essential oils of natural plants and how they serve as insect and animal repellents have both been mentioned. Yet, you can also be considering the flowers and plants your yard could use. Let us to suggest a few gardening accessories that will both beautify your garden and keep mosquitoes away:

  • Geranium: This South African-born plant is well-known for its vivid hues. Moreover, it is a flower that needs little to no upkeep. There are many different geranium plants, however red geraniums aid in deterring bees from the region. To cut down on mosquitoes in your garden, pair red geraniums with lemon-scented varieties.
  • Jasmine – A common flower in tropical areas and is thought to repel mosquitoes. Jasmine not only deters mosquitoes but also gives your yard a pleasant fragrance. It should be surrounded by as many jasmine blossoms as you can to ward off mosquitoes, especially at night.
  • Basil and Rosemary – Although spice plants, they are also potent repellents. Just place them in strategic areas, and it will keep the bugs away.
  • Wormwood – a useful plant to deter insects because it is well-known for its medical benefits and has been used as a successful cure against moths since ancient times. It keeps wasps and bees away. While choosing plants for your garden, take this into consideration.
  • Magnolia – It is a flower well-known for its beauty and aroma as well as its effectiveness as a bee deterrent. To deter mosquitoes, plant a few plants close to the pool.

We all like to keep our pool area nice, clean and healthy. If you are looking for professional help, please feel free to get in touch with us!

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