Shaped vs. rectangular pools – which type is better?

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Whether you recently decided to build a pool or have been thinking about it for a time, you’re undoubtedly asking, “Should I have a rectangular pool or shaped pool?” We’re here to assist you with this.

This might be a tough decision to make, but it is one that you must live with. Royal Pools and More enjoys both rectangular and shaped pools, but it is up to you to decide which would best fit your backyard, landscaping, and swimming demands. There are various aspects to consider before making your decision, and by the conclusion of this article, you should have a better idea of which style of pool would work best for you!

Which look do you prefer?

This is the most crucial consideration. To put it simply, which sort of pool do you prefer? Buying a pool is an investment in your pleasure, so you should know what you enjoy and what you don’t. When we compare curved and rectangular inground pools, we are essentially discussing the traditional vs. modern aesthetic. Rectangular pools have the characteristic inground pool appearance associated with Olympic or public swimming pools. A shaped inground pool is often circular or curved throughout, providing an indisputably beautiful and distinctively contemporary appearance. Because an inground pool is a long-term investment in your happiness, this component is critical.

How much money are you looking to spend?

Everyone understands that budgeting is an important part of any major purchase, especially one as large as an inground pool. The cost of your pool is determined by the type of pool you desire, which includes fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete, rather than the form of the pool. The size of the pool will be another major pricing determinant. If you want a larger pool, you’ll have to pay more money than if you had a small or medium-sized pool. Budget based on the sort of pool you desire and the size of your pool!

What will be the main usage of your pool?

Would the pool be utilized mostly for swimming and working out, or for resting and hosting parties? This will assist you in determining which sort of pool is ideal for your requirements. Rectangular pools are ideal for swimming laps and getting in some water workout since they provide a straight course. Shaped pools are smaller by design and ideal for lounging. If you fit into either of these two groups, think about which pool might be ideal for you.

rectangular pool
Rectangular pool | Image source: Unsplash

How big is your backyard?

While deciding between a rectangular and shaped pool, it is essential to consider the size of your property. Rectangular pools are ideal for bigger backyards because they take up more room, particularly if you choose a huge inground pool. Shaped pools, on the other hand, are smaller and take up less area, which means the pool itself contains less water and takes up less space in your backyard.

How big of a pool do you want?

One of the nicest things about pools is that they come in a variety of sizes! There are pools for different sizes of yards, and it is critical that you decide what you want. If you want a smaller inground pool, try getting a shaped pool. If you want a larger inground pool, consider a rectangle pool. If you decide with a fiberglass pool, you may have a pool anywhere between 1225 and 1641 feet long using a rectangular mold. A huge rectangular pool provides greater value for money than an equally sized pool with circular flooring and limited water capacity.

Looking for professional help? Dolphin Pool Services is ready to help with any pool related issues in the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. Feel free to contact us and schedule our services!

What will work best with your landscaping?

You must consider your landscaping while determining the size of your backyard. Whether you have a garden, a playground, or a huge patio, you may need to make modifications to accommodate a pool in your backyard. If you have a bigger backyard with plenty of pool space, this may not be an issue. If you want to keep your present landscape, a round or shaped pool might be better for your yard. A rectangular pool may be the best option if you have limited landscaping or are ready to give up some backyard space.

Do you want a pool cover?

While researching inground pools, one of the most common pool add-ons is covers! Covers keep impurities and debris out of your pool throughout the winter and whenever you’re not swimming. A cover may be installed on any pool form, although it might be difficult to install a cover on some shaped pools, especially if you want an automated cover. It is not to imply that automated covers cannot be installed over shaped pools, but only those with shapes that are too difficult for a cover to be placed over. A rectangular pool may be readily covered with a mesh or auto cover.

shaped pool
Shaped pool | Image source: Unsplash

Are you interested in any additional pool add-ons?

An inground pool is just as enjoyable as the pool features that surround it, right? Some pool accessories look best on rectangular pools and vice versa. Basketball hoops and diving boards are frequently found around rectangular-shaped pools. You prefer to find waterfalls and slides surrounding shaped pools. These amenities may be added to almost any type of pool, but if you know what features you want to add, think about what combination would give you the greatest appearance for your backyard.


Purchasing an inground pool should be a thrilling experience! There are many different shapes and sizes to pick from, and with this knowledge, you will have a better sense of which shape pool would work best for you. At the end of the day, the only thing that counts is that you obtain the inground pool you desire at the greatest possible price and with the best personnel.

Every year, Dolphin Pool Services assists dozens of homeowners in selecting the ideal pool for their needs. We understand that making a decision might be challenging, but if you know what you want, it will all be worth it. Nobody wants to be remorseful about their purchase; this is known as buyer’s remorse. Finding the appropriate pool, on the other hand, may be a snap with the correct direction and research. Consider your alternatives, keep your landscape in mind, and keep in mind that a pool is an investment in your pleasure. If you are lookin for professional help, feel free to get in touch with us!

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