Swimming pool renovation ideas – new life for your pool

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Its time for pool renovation ideas! On a hot summer day, one of the finest ways to cool down is to jump into a pool. But what if your pool is old, damaged, and unappealing?

Depending on your budget and the necessary repairs, there are several swimming pool remodeling ideas you may try to breathe new life into your aging pool. Dolphin Pool Services will give swimming pool remodeling suggestions for you to try out below.

Pool resurfacing

Resurfacing your pool is one of the most popular swimming pool renovation options. This procedure typically costs between $4,000 and $7,000 (depending on the size, kind, and other variables) and will give your swimming pool a brand-new appearance. If the surface of your swimming pool is eroding, this is the finest solution. Pool resurfacing will help improve the energy efficiency of your swimming pool by retaining heat in and avoiding evaporation.

Add new waterline or deck tiles

If you’re looking for a quick and easy swimming pool makeover solution, consider installing new waterline or deck tiles. It will give your pool an immediate facelift without breaking the bank. You may select from a variety of colors and styles and have your pool tile replacement completed quickly.

New coat plaster for your pool

If you have a concrete swimming pool, one restoration possibility is to apply a fresh layer of plaster. It will also aid in the smoothness and color restoration of your concrete swimming pool. Plaster acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting the swimming pool from leaks and saving you money on pool repairs over time. It also keeps algae and germs at bay in your swimming pool.

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Pool coping replacement

The coping of your swimming pool is the stone or concrete material that surrounds the pool. It prevents water from entering and damaging the region behind the pool’s shell. Swimmers can enter and depart the pool safely. Also, it might improve the aesthetics of your swimming pool. If you see fractures in your pool coping, fix it right away.

Water feature like a fountain or a waterfall

A water element is another popular swimming pool renovation option. Little fountains to grandiose waterfalls are examples of water features. A water feature may raise the value of your property as well as make your swimming pool more appealing. Can you envision getting home from work and being able to unwind in your own oasis? The ambition may become a reality with the addition of a new water element.

Renovating your pool liner

If your swimming pool liner is beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time to replace it. A new pool liner may radically improve the appearance of your swimming pool while also adding years of life to it. Did you know that pool liners act as a barrier between the water and the construction of the pool? As a result, make sure your swimming pool liner is in good shape.

Adding a pool slide

A pool slide is a great way to add fun to your swimming pool, especially if you have children. They are reasonably priced and provide hours of entertainment for the entire family. Furthermore, a pool slide will not only provide pleasure for your children, but it will also raise the value of your property. But make sure your pool is deep enough before installing a slide, since small pools may be dangerous.

Looking for professional help? Dolphin Pool Services is ready to help with any pool related issues in the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. Feel free to contact us and schedule our services!

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