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A swimming pool is an excellent addition to any property, serving as a cool and pleasant retreat on hot summer days. Unfortunately, the pool deck can degrade with time, becoming cracked, discolored, or damaged. A broken pool deck may be an eyesore as well as a safety threat. In this post, we’ll look at several symptoms that it’s time to replace your pool deck and how Dolphin Pool Services may assist.

Cracks and fading

Exposure to the sun, pool chemicals, and water can cause your pool deck to fade, crack, or discolor over time. These flaws not only detract from the aesthetic of your pool deck, but they can also pose safety risks, such as tripping hazards or sharp edges that can cause accidents.

Uneven or loose surfaces

Uneven or loose surfaces on your pool deck can also pose a safety risk, causing individuals to trip or slide and fall. If you see any portions of your pool deck that are uneven or unstable, it may be time to replace it.

Puddles gather on the deck

The pavers, flagstone, or travertine pool deck is often put at a little incline to allow water to slope from your swimming pool and into its drainage. But, if this is not properly constructed, the water that splashes on the pool surface may remain and cause these puddles. If they remain on the pool surface, there may be an underlying drainage issue.

This problem will cause mold and algae to bloom, which is not good for the building. A slick pool surface is dangerous for swimmers, especially youngsters. The accumulated water may make its way into the cracks of your pool. A combination of cracks and improper drainage can cause long-term harm to your pool. Also, if the water gets into the earth, the pool’s construction would be harmed.

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Soil has shifted in surrounding areas

A pool dug into the earth is substantial and will require proper support. If your earth is not compacted and ready to support the weight of the pool, the ground may shift. Apart from that, soil shift typically occurs when tree roots invade the area surrounding the pool, or when there is loose soil beneath the main pool construction.

Because displaced soil impacts the foundation of your deck and pool, it is critical to address soil instability as soon as possible. Shifts can also cause concrete cracking and incorrect drainage.

Updating your pool deck may appear to be a difficult undertaking, but it may give various benefits. A new pool deck may enhance the aesthetic of your backyard, boost the safety of your pool area, and possibly increase the value of your property. Dolphin Pool Services will assist you if you are thinking about replacing your pool deck.

Dolphin Pool Services provides pool deck remodeling services such as resurfacing, repairing, and replacing. Our skilled staff can work with you to decide the best course of action for your pool deck, whether it’s mending little cracks or replacing the entire surface. We can also assist you in deciding on the best materials for your new pool deck, such as stamped concrete, pavers, or natural stone.

To summarize, upgrading your pool deck may bring a variety of benefits, including better safety, higher value, and a fresh aesthetic. If you see evidence of damage or wear and tear on your pool deck, it could be time to replace it. Dolphin Pool Services can assist you in renovating your pool deck by offering professional advice and excellent labor to guarantee that your new pool deck meets and surpasses your expectations. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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